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Mendocino County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Since starting my legal career over 25 years ago, I have been committed to assisting Mendocino County, California, residents. My focus is on legal matters surrounding criminal charges and related civil matters. I bring honesty, integrity and a genuine concern for my clients' well-being to each case. One of my highest values is clear and straightforward communication regarding expectations, time frames and costs from your initial consultation through the end of your case.

To learn more about my services or to schedule an appointment, contact my law firm, the Law Office of Katharine L. Elliott, at 707-468-1600.

A Personalized, Client-Centered Approach

When a lawyer takes a case, it is important for him or her to first listen and get to know the client in order to best serve the client's needs. This is why, from the outset, I spend the time required to clearly understand the circumstances and the clients' goals. I want those I work with to have no doubts that I have their best interests in mind and am on their side.

Clear, Direct Communication

Clear and direct client communication is one of the values of my practice. Clients want a criminal law attorney who won't play games and will be upfront and honest about their situations. For instance, fees are one of the most concerning areas for clients. I understand the concern, which is why I am committed to fair and reasonable charges and will do my best to estimate future costs. This is especially important when I work with clients with mental health issues, or while working in juvenile criminal law.

My Personal Values

I am passionate about the work I do, from  crime defense to DUI defense to post-conviction relief. One of the founding values of my practices is that people can change and that if they are given a chance and some help, they can resolve any problem — it doesn't matter if the problem surrounds drugs, alcohol or violence.

For me, being a lawyer is not about providing disconnected legal services. Instead I focus on providing each person I work with a solid forward-focused framework.

From relatively minor drug infractions to serious criminal charges, I can work to ensure your rights are protected and that you are fairly treated under the law. For a free initial consultation, contact the Law Office of Katharine L. Elliott at 707-468-1600.

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Katharine L. Elliott
116 South State Street
Ukiah, CA 95482
Phone: 707-468-1600
Fax: 707-468-1609
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